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(page 6, continued)

On one of the monitors a temperature gage began to edge up—8 degrees centigrade, 9, 10 . . .

The woman injected Ian with various fluids via the IVs. “Stimulants,” she said.

Angela observed all in riveted horror.

Once the temperature reached 27, the Russian withdrew electrical paddles from the front of another machine, rubbing them together. The woman removed electrodes from Ian’s chest, applied a lubricant, and the man positioned the paddles near Ian’s heart, calling, “Clear!” 

Angela held her breath and cringed.


It was as if the current entered her. She jolted too, grimacing as his body arced on the table only to collapse into stillness. Moaning, she watched the man recharge the paddles to send another volt surging. Again Ian bucked—this time a blip on the monitor’s flat line. Then another. Another. Quickly followed by stronger spikes.

Angela breathed again, feeling faint.

“He has the constitution of a horse,” the Russian said, taking a handkerchief to his brow. “Mark five minutes, twenty-three seconds.”

The woman recorded in a logbook, and Angela brushed past, sobbing, dropping to Ian’s side, taking his hand in hers. It felt deathly cold. He was still unconscious, but she thrilled to see color return to his face.

The strange team continued its work, checking vital signs, administering unknown substances through IVs, and Angela glared up at them.

“What the hell is going on?”

The Asian calmly replied, “NDE.”

Near Death Experience. Angela was familiar with the phenomenon, though she’d never investigated it. Not uncommon in cases where individuals seemingly die, life functions ceasing, only to revive a short time later. She presumed Ian’s intent was to sneak through death’s door to confirm the existence of the Afterlife, expecting to be resuscitated before it closed permanently.

(continued . . .)