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"Kleier's undeniably gripping second spiritual thriller is bound to provoke just as many arguments as his controversial first novel, The Last Day. The Knoweldge of Good & Evil is first of a trilogy, and Kleier's many fans will only hope they won't have to wait long for the next installment." Publishers Weekly

“(The Knowledge of Good & Evilis cleverly tied together, a bonafide page-turner. Mr. Kleier’s message is one that  everyone should know and live by.” The New York Journal of books

“One of the most intriguing tales of the decade.” Clive Cussler, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE WRECKER

“A tough, savory, formidable thriller layered with plenty of angst and adventure. Glenn Kleier is a pro who delivers his promising premise with a flawless execution.” Steve Berry, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE PARIS VENDETTA

 “A fantastical puzzle of mystery upon mystery set against the broad tapestry of a fierce, diabolical running battle that actually culminates in heaven and hell. I defy anybody to put this one down!” David Hagberg, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE EXPEDITER

"5 Stars. This thought-provoking, exhilarating thriller asks many questions about religious dogma as Kleier questions contradictions between free will and forbidden fruits. The storyline is fast-paced."

Harriet KlausnerAMAZON #1 reviewer

"5 Stars. The Knowledge of Good & Evil is a tasty morsel for the intellect and spiritual risk enchanting interlude that goes where no book has before." Salvador SeBasco, National Book Critics Circle, CNN THE INSIDE VIEW SHOW #2 Book of the Year 

"It's been a decade since Kleier's internationally acclaimed and controversial novel The Last Day thrust a contentious female messiah onto the world. Now he returns with a second suspense thriller, equally irreverent and certain to raise a bigger stir… The Knowledge of Good & Evil is a fast-paced, provocative tale that probes the darkest corners of the Great Unknown, exposing humanity's deepest fears and challenging its most-cherished beliefs. An enthralling page-turner that will captivate and thrill readers." Science Fiction Scope

"Kleier unites concepts from the Bible, The Divine Comedy, and NDE accounts both ancient and modern to create a detailed imagining of a divine afterlife. The detailed hierarchy of Heaven and the fearsome demons of Hell give fantasy fans a reason to pick up this title, while thriller readers will find excitement in Ian and Angela’s attempts to stay ahead of their would-be assassins. However, the beating heart of this novel lies in its message of faith and finding peace at any cost. The Knowledge of Good & Evil makes for a sweeping, thoughtful, and fun first installment in a planned trilogy. Let’s hope the second book is soon to follow!" 
Shelf Awareness