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KIRKUS (starred review): “An impressively imagined debut. Devilishly cunning, deliciously wicked entertainment.”

AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION—HOT FICTION (starred review): “This book is so full of hot topics, readers might burn their fingers turning pages. Kleier doesn't miss a beat, capturing all the craziness, firing it with the latest science, wrapping it all with the gauze of mysticism. Complex plotting seems smooth as silk here. Will keep readers enthralled until the very end. Don't expect to find one any better than this.”

PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY: “Intense, entertaining. Kleier’s story will have readers racing through the narrative with its many plot twists—political, scientific and theological.”


NEWSDAY/L.A. TIMES: “I was transfixed by this imaginative work. If you’d like to give your mind, faith, cynicism or theories an intellectual workout, try this novel.”


CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “There are dozens of thrillers trying to grab our attention and dollars, but few are likely to be as entertaining as this. The pace is furious, the plotting handled with style and wit.”

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: “Fascinating debut!”

OXFORD TIMES ENGLAND: “Full marks to Kleier. A good, strong storyline told with innovative insight.”


ENGLAND SUNDAY NEWS: “Kleier’s first novel is fantastic. His take on the Second Coming is well considered, challenging, gripping and brilliant. Don’t miss this.”






Warner Books

ISBN-10: 0446522856

ISBN-10: 0446605980